File name Downloads
Gameboy Advance 98,583,379
Super Nintendo 78,363,382
Nintendo DS 54,150,616
Nintendo 64 23,562,611
Playstation Portable 22,708,018
Gameboy Color 18,965,988
Nintendo 14,582,436
Playstation 10,317,216
GameCube 7,832,918
Gameboy 5,689,903
Nintendo Wii 5,347,984
Sega Genesis 4,946,021
Playstation 2 3,461,001
MAME 037b11 2,817,036
Amiga 500 2,089,206

What are Roms?

Roms, in the context of playing games can also be called ROMs or image files. Roms refer to the software that is uploaded into a console's memory and allows users to play games on their devices. Roms come in different types and sizes and they often need to be downloaded onto your computer with an Emulator

Popular Consoles to play Retro games  

Roms can be played on a variety of different consoles. Popular Roms are the ones that come with Nintendo, PlayStation, Sega and Xbox - to name a few.

Retro Roms Roms lend themselves very well to Retro gaming because they're mostly used for old games; they don't require high spec computers or consoles, which makes it more affordable to build your own Emulator (software that acts like another device). Retro Roms allow players to play old arcade games wherever they go without having to carry their actual game console with them. Roms date back generations in today's society where most everything is digitalized; especially in the world of gaming, Roms began when platforms moved from using physical cartridges.

Popular Retro Game ROMs

There are many popular Retro Roms that can be found online. The games that people generally look for are the ones that they used to play as kids or teenagers. Here is a list of some of the most popular Retro Game Roms:

ROMs provide gamers with hours upon hours of entertainment and, while they may seem like an outdated technology to some, they're still widely played today. Whether it's downloading them onto your computer or playing them on a console, Roms provide an easy and convenient way.

What are Emulators for roms?

An Emulator is a software that can mimic the function of another device. For example, an Emulator for Roms can allow you to play Nintendo games on your PC. There are many different types of Emulators and they can be found online for free. You simply download them and install them on your computer - it's that easy!

There are also Emulators that allow you to play PlayStation games on your PC or Xbox games on your Mac. In short, Emulators provide gamers with the ability to use their computer as a makeshift game console and play any game they want. This is especially handy if you don't have the actual console anymore or if you want to play a game that's not available on your current system.

How to Use ROMs?

Using Roms is easy! There are many different sources out there that provide Roms. For example, Roms can be found online on the homepage of your favorite Retro console or you can use a site like Emulator Online to play Roms for free.

In order to get Roms onto your computer, you'll need an Emulator and some Roms - once you have both of these things downloaded simply load the Rom file into your software and start playing! The best thing about Roms is that they don't require much space or power to run smoothly; they're great if you're looking for a way to kill time while on the bus or train going from one place to another.



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